My CurlKit Gift Review

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hi Curlies!!

So sorry I've been MIA.  Today I'd like to do a bit of an exciting product review.  About two weeks ago while spending some time on twitter I came across a twitter chat. If you aren't familiar with this term a twitter chat is when a person(s) or company announce on their page that they will be hosting a conversation using a specific hashtag to interact with people they follow and their followers.  The only thing you need to do to be a part of this conversation is add the designated hashtag in your tweet. 

Curl Kit Gift

Now, onto my very first experience!! I was browsing on my twitter and noticed that CurlKit, a page I follow, was hosting this chat and since I'm very new to the online curly community I thought this would be a great way to connect with a few of you and get to know some great people.  It was such an awesome experience because they asked some very good questions and were genuinely interested in finding out what the curly community finds helpful, sharing our tips and tricks with each other and also finding out which products we enjoy most.

I felt the chat enabled us to help one another and encourage each other in our own journeys which I really loved.  So much so, that I was supper active in my responses not only to CurlKit but to other people as well.  I was able to connect with girls that I would have never connected with otherwise and because of that, at the end of the night CurlKit announced that I won a special gift for being an active participant!! First, let me just tell you how much I fangirled for being tweeted by a curly hair company that I follow and admire.... and secondly that I had actually won something for just being an active participant! ME... I won something!?! Thats pretty cool..... I had no idea there was anything to be won so it made the experience all the more amazing.  I was on VERY happy curly girl that night!  A few days later I received my package in the mail and below are my thoughts on some items I'm currently loving.

This product is just absolutely amazing! I was totally blown away by Dove with this one, not only is the product super thick and moisturizing and smells absolutely breathtaking but when it's worked into my curls it absorbs so nicely that my curls are left feeling light and bouncy. I am really enjoying this product. It is a top shelf item that I will be purchasing once my sample runs out. 
Well done Dove, well done!

I normally don't stray from my usual home made oil treatment with coconut, avocado, tea tree, horsetail, jojoba and almond but this little treasure was a very sweet surprise. The green olive and lavender blend is very refreshing. I love doing my bedtime routine with this product, using a few drops to massage my scalp before heading to sleep. The lavender is a very calming scent and my hair is enjoying the treatment at night long. 

The Earth's Nectar Nourish Spray is a very lightweight milky leave-in detangler.  I have only used it a few times but it has truly made the detangling process a smoother and quicker one. Formulated with aloe and vitamin e this product helps maintain my hair's strength and shine. Also a product I plan to purchase and add to my weekly routine.

The last product I'd like to share is the Pomegranate Passion Hair Elixir. Not only do I really enjoy the packaging and love the fact that there are actual rose petals in this oil blend.  I have never used Pomegranate Oil in my hair but I really have enjoyed how my hair has taken to it.  The cherry pineapple blend is fruity but light, which if you're anything like me and love fruity scents in the spring you will most definitely enjoy this product.  It can be used to seal in moisture for your hair or warmed up a bit and used as a scalp massage. The Pomegranate and Rosehip are said to increase scalp circulation and hydrate your hair to prevent breakage and fallout.  

All in all, I would have to say I am extremely happy with my gift from CurlKit and once again THANK YOU for providing such a fun and interactive platform for curly girls to come together and encourage one another in our individual hair journeys.  I for one will definitely be getting my hands on a CurlKit to see what new goodies I can add to my collection.

Thanks for reading along.  I hope you enjoyed this post.  What new hair products have you been into?  

Until next time!

Stay Beautiful & Confident!

xo Mia

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