3 Things That Inspired Me To Go Natural

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hey there Curlies!

I'm really excited about this post so let's dive in! I'm finally at a point in my life where I'm happy with my curly crown.  So below are the top 3 things that inspired me to go natural.

1. Needing a change

This picture was taken a few days ago :)

When I decided to go natural I was transitioning from a season in my life I wasn't truly happy with.  Before making the physical choice to go natural I had to make the mental choice; and that took a very long time to come to terms with.  I was so set in my ways of straightening my hair day in and day out, that no matter all the warning signs, and how much my mother nagged about the damage I was causing my hair I couldn't stop, because for so long I thought I wouldn't be accepted if I didn't straighten my hair. I cared more about my perception of what other's thought, that I wasn't being true to myself.  Thankfully my life took a turn for the better.  The people who truly cared for me started encouraging my transition and I began to build the confidence I needed to just be me.

2. Curlista/Naturalista Influencers
This was definitely my second step in recovery thank you Youtube & Instagram.  After getting to a place where I decided to accept the crown of curls God blessed me with. I did some research and  realized there were other girls who had the same struggles as me at one point in their lives and then overcame them.  Alba from SunkissAlba,  I feel, is the godmother of all curly girls in our social media generation.  She had all the goto videos, tips and tricks.  I watched and continue to watch her channel faithfully because she was my virtual cheerleader.  I also enjoy watching Hifelicia and SweetSandy on Instagram.  It is truly inspiring to see these girls use their platforms to encourage other curly girls to embrace who and what they were meant to be.  Curly hair is so unique, fun and versatile.  It's something to be proud of, not something to be embarrassed of or try to change to please others.

3. Becoming a Product Junkie
(this was the fun part)

This one is totally a selfish reason, but I found an excuse to buy and try new products.  

What girl in her right mind would give up an opportunity like that? 

I went on a product shopping spree and tried everything and anything tailored to wavy, curly and coily hair.  I was beginning to nourish the relationship between my curls and I.....  I was wooing my hair lol.  I spent A LOT of unnecessary money at times, but I was willing to try and do whatever it took to make my curls happy.  I am giggling while writing this because of how ridiculous it sounds but its so true.  Over the last two years I have found products there is no way I would EVER put in my curly crown again and also my holy grail staples (which I ALWAYS have in stock) lol

I can honestly say I'm happy.  I am happy because I am comfortable in my own hair.  My curly crown is crazy at times but I wouldn't have it any other way.  It is part of who I am and I refuse to hide it.  

I am Confident & Curly.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.  What motivates you to embrace who you are? (Curly girl or not. ALL are welcome)


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  1. YES MIA!! I'm so cheering for you! I've seen the difference in your curls and it's amazing!! I love your hair and I'm glad you do too! This would encourage any curly girl to embrace her "curly crown"! xoxox



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